Q: Where can I find AfroLandTV?

A: AfroLandTV is on all major streaming devices, including Apple.TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV, iOS and Android as well as on many Smart TVs.

Q: Do I need to Pay For AfroLandTV?

A: AfroLandTV is an Ad Supported Service (AVOD) which allows you to stream the content for free.Data rates may apply.

Q: Why does the image quality vary?

A: Having a fast connection is important, and so is having a stable connection.We recommend a connection faster than 5mb.

Q: If I stop watching a show on one of my devices, can I pick up where I left off on another device?

A: This feature is available for registered users. You can register free of charge from the main menu or the icon next to "search". The "Recent" shelf will display what you've most recently been watching.

Q: What is the heart shaped "favorite" button?

A: This feature allows you to create a list of selected shows. These shows will show up in a new shelf on the main page called "favorites". This feature is only available to registered users. You can register free of charge from the main menu.

Q: What is the "Catch Up" option on the menu during full screen playback of the Live Channel.

A: You have the ability to pause the live feed for a short period of time. You can use the "catch up" option to fast forward back to real time.

Q: How do I submit content to AfroLandTV?

A: Please send screener links to submissions@afrolandtv.com