Q: If I stop watching a show on one of my devices, can I pick up where I left off on another device?

A: This feature is available for registered users. You can register free of charge from the main menu or the icon next to "search". The "Recent" shelf will display what you've most recently been watching.

Q: What is the heart shaped "favorite" button?

A: This feature allows you to create a list of selected shows. These shows will show up in a new shelf on the main page called "favorites". This feature is only available to registered users. You can register free of charge from the main menu.

Q: How can I make the Live Channel play full screen?

A: On Roku hit the play/pause button. On AppleTV hit the play button when on the home page. On your phone, change the screen's orientation. On iPad tap the screen and tap the square icon in the lower left part of the frame.

Q: What are ElectricNow Originals?

A: ElectricNow Originals include hit series as The Official Leverage: Redemption Aftershow: A Very Distinctive Podcast, Inglorious Treksperts, The 4:30 Movie, Best Movies Never Made, and many more in a line-up that includes podcasts devoted to Star Wars, Dr. Who and other sci-fi and entertainment industry-related topics - created for fans, by fans. Video versions of all the podcasts are available for free in the app.

Q: Why can't I purchase videos in the Purchase Television/Movies sections of the app?

A: Purchase capabilities will be activating in the coming months. Please install all updates as they are made available.

Q: Can purchased files be downloaded onto my device.

A: Files cannot be downloaded, but will be always available to you in the app for as long as the app is operable.

Q: Why are some shows not available in the free section?

A: Not all films or television shows are contractually available for the free video on demand section. Even some shows that play for free on the live channel. However all films and television shows will be made available for purchase.