Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Kartoon Channel! always Free?

A: Yes - We are always Fun, Family Friendly and FREE!

Q: Can you help me find the show I'm looking for?

A: Go to the magnifying glass and type in the show you are looking for. Kartoon Channel! has all sorts of shows for little kids to big kids (ages 2-11). New shows are added to Kartoon Channel! all the time so be sure to check back.

Q: How can I see a list of the programming that Kartoon Channel! has?

A: We regularly add new shows to Kartoon Channel! Some shows might be different based on what country or platform you're viewing on.

Q: How can I subscribe to Kartoon Channel! Jr on the app?

A: Kartoon Channel! Jr. is only found on YouTube. If you're on our app, it means that you automatically have content for little kids and big kids (ages 2-11)

Q: What if I have a suggestion for you?

A: We love suggestions from our customers! Please submit suggestions at: