Humble Beginnings

It all started with a shared frustration among a group of entertainment industry veterans: there was just too much content to stream, and many creative films were going unnoticed. We saw the big streaming apps battling each other for supremacy, all offering pretty much the same kind of content. Meanwhile, tons of captivating movies, new and old, were languishing in obscurity.

For every "Parasite" there's a "Policeman's Lineage." We weren't afraid to face the towering obstacle that is streaming and licensing, even though we knew the path ahead would be treacherous. It was like those "stop, don't go in there!" moments in horror movies. But we went in there anyway, because we knew our vision to bring greater diversity to the streaming world and improve distribution access for creators was worth it.

We're still forging ahead, and we're not going to stop until everyone has the opportunity to discover the amazing films that are out there. So if you're a fan of creative, independent cinema, stay tuned. We're just getting started.

A Smorgasbord of Perspectives

At Mometu, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the power of diverse storytelling. That's why we've made our platform free to use and easy to access, so that anyone can watch our amazing selection of movies, documentaries, TV series, and live channels from all over the world.

We believe that powerful storytelling can only exist through the prism of a filmmaker's diversity of thought and culture. That's why we collaborate with filmmakers from all over the globe, bringing you stories that you won't find anywhere else.

Whether you're looking for a gripping thriller, a thought-provoking documentary, or a heartwarming comedy, we have something for everyone. So curl up on the couch, grab some popcorn, and let us transport you to another world.

At Mometu, we believe that storytelling is a universal language. It's a way to connect with people from all walks of life, and to share our own unique experiences with the world. We're excited to help you discover the power of diverse storytelling, and we hope you'll join us on this journey.

A Passion for Hand Curation

Having access to a vast library of content is great, but what good is it if you spend more time browsing than watching? We know the feeling. That's why we've created Mometu, a streaming platform that's designed to help you discover the perfect movie, show, or documentary for your mood in minutes.

We've hand-curated our catalog with the help of our cinephiles, so you can be sure that you're only seeing the best of the best. But we don't just want you to find the right thing to watch. We also want you to have fun doing it. That's why we've made Mometu's interface as simple and intuitive as possible. We start with a few categories like: Genres, Niches, and Channels. It's the holy trinity of streaming. No more having to decide between movies or shows, or trying to figure out each platform's way of organizing content. We think this is a more natural way to discover new and familiar content alike.

Genres contain hand-curated collections organized by familiar themes, like Action & Adventure, Crime & Mystery, Drama & Coming-of-Age, Classic & Western, and a bunch more. You know exactly what you're getting in Genres. It's familiar with a touch of nuance. It's a comfy balance of movies, shows, docs, shorts, and channels that follow those themes. It's feel-good, provocative, and heart-thumping. It's lean-in or lean-back. You decide.

Niches take you down the rabbit hole. Still cinephile hand-curated. Still easy to navigate. Niches help you find your calling or feed your obsessions. No criticisms here. Niches are all about compulsively finessing the organization of content to surface the subtleties only you would appreciate. Consider the unpretentious martial arts action flicks from Hong Kong (lower budget yet amply cathartic!), easy-going murder mysteries in British villages (they've gotta be devoid of people by now!), not-dubbed deeply touching K-Dramas (so much melodrama!), terrifyingly suspenseful German thrillers (you'll need a psyche visit afterward!), and so much more waiting to satisfy your 16-bit dreams.

Channels are the epitome of the lean-back experience. It's hundreds of TV channels you can zap through. Channel surf to your heart's content. Enjoy scrolling through an intuitive on-screen guide, just like cable. But without the cable fees. You can see what's on now and what's airing soon. You'll find plenty of unique channels to satisfy any interest.

Mometu is More for Me and You

Mo-Me-Tu. Mometu! Rolls off the tongue, right? The name comes from our motto, more for me and you. Mometu is about sparking creativity and sharing moments of eureka with those around us. Funny name, right? We think it's particularly amusing. There is, however, a lovely meaning behind it:

Mo is for more opportunities to discover great, often under-served content that might get swallowed up by algorithms on other platforms

Me is for... me, the filmmakers and cinephiles who fight the struggle for adequate representation in a world of mega-corporate consolidation

Tu is for you (in Latin), a nod to our amazing viewers and cinephile audience of people who appreciate the art just as much as the explosions.