Q: How do I log in on the Roku Channel?

A: Using the Hipstr Roku Channel, you can view the content easily on your TV. Add the Hipstr Roku Channel to your Roku.

Q: How do I unsubscribe/cancel a subscription?

A: Since you subscribed via the Hipstr Roku Channel, you will need to manually cancel in Roku settings, as instructed here: Note: We are not able to cancel this Roku subscription for you. You will need to do it from your device manually.


Q: How do I change the iOS app settings?

A: To change the Hipstr app settings, click the menu icon, and then Settings. You can change the following settings:

* Display Name - This is your display name on Hipstr.

* Video Sync Settings - This is the maximum video resolution you want to sync to your device using Offline Syncing. 540p is the smallest file size and 1080p is the largest.

* Sync over WiFi only - This toggle lets you choose if you want to offline sync over wifi only or also over network data.

* Continuous Playback - Toggle this ON if you want videos to continue playing after the previous one finishes.

Q: How do I log into the iOS app?

A: If you are a subscriber and want to watch on your iPhone or iPad with Hipstr, follow these steps:

* Download the Hipstr iOS app on your iPhone or iPad.

* Open the app and tap Sign In.

* Enter your email address and tap Continue.

* You will then be sent a sign-in email to your email inbox. You can open this email on your iOS device or on a separate device. Note: If you have trouble with the link on the same device, try clicking the link in your email on a separate device to log in.

* Click the Sign In link within that email and the iOS app will refresh and log you in to watch.

* If you have a password, try these steps to log in:

* Download the Hipstr iOS app on your iPhone or iPad.

* Open the app and tap Sign In.

* Enter your email address and tap Continue.

* On the next page, enter your password and click Sign In.

* If successful, you will be logged in to watch.

* If not successful, you can reset or set a password to login on that page, or use the email link method above.

Q: How do I watch in the iOS app?

A: Hipstr videos on the Hipstr app:

* Open the Hipstr app on your iPhone or iPad.

* Once you are logged in and your library has loaded, tap the image of the video you want to watch.

* The video’s collection will load and you can tap on a video and it will start playing right on the page.

* To watch in full-screen, click the fullscreen button in the lower right of the video.

* To enable subtitles for the video you are watching on the app, tap the subtitles icon and select the language of choice. The icon is in the upper right-hand side of the playing video. Note: Not all video have subtitles.

Q. I’m having trouble with the mobile app

A. If you are having issues using the iOS or Android app, the following steps clear up most issues:
* Log out of the app, restart your device, and log back into the app.

If that doesn't resolve the issue:

* Exit the app, turn your device’s WiFi off then on, and open the app again.
* Check if there is an update for the app (via the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store).

If updating your app doesn't resolve the issue:

* Try uninstalling the app and downloading it again.
* Also, make sure your device's OS version is compatible with our app:
* For iOS, the OS version must be 10.0 or higher.
* For Android, it must be 4.3 or higher.


A. If you subscribed via the Hipstr iOS app and want to cancel, you have to do so manually. Follow these instructions from Apple: Note: We are not able to cancel this for you. You must do it from your device.



A. If you are not already a subscriber and want to subscribe to Hipstr with your Amazon account in the Hipstr app, follow these steps:
* Download the Hipstr Amazon app on your phone
* Open the app and tap Log in or Start Free Trial.
* If you do not have an account, you will be prompted to enter your email and a password to create an account
* Select how you want to be billed: Monthly or Yearly (when available).
* You will then be prompted to enter your password for your Amazon account to authorize the purchase.
* You can then start watching.
* Note: If you have a promo code, you should purchase via our website rather than via the app. Unfortunately, app purchases do not support our promo codes.
* If you need to manage your subscription options or unsubscribe, please see Amazon's instructions on how to do so.
if you're still having trouble, contact us at