Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How safe is MyToonz for my child?

MyToonz believes in providing safe content for all. Our rich expertise in producing kids’ content for over two & half decades ensures that we are committed to offer child safe content for family viewing.

  1. Will my child’s personal data be safe?

MyToonz complies with both the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which means we do not collect or share your child's personal data. You may always refer to our Privacy Policy for our standard declarations.

  1. Do you run commercials on MyToonz?

MyToonz is an advertisement supported platform & does run short commercials. These commercials are vetted as safe for audience under 12 years of age as per the COPPA norms. All commercials served for kids’ content meant for kids under 12 years will be purely contextual as permitted by the regulations & absolutely safe for consumption.

  1. What is MyToonz?

Safe, vibrant and fun MyToonz is a colorful world where kids’ and families would love to hang out. A one-stop shop for wholesome entertainment, MyToonz is a treasure trove of delicious and nutritious content, specially curated to keep the little ones engaged, while putting the parents completely at ease regarding the safety of content. 

  1. What makes MyToonz stand out & special?

MyToonz is fully owned by the Toonz Media Group, a 360-degree media powerhouse with over two decades of unparalleled experience in animation production, right from script to screen. We are committed to providing a totally safe viewing experience to kids & family & our content has been specially created for the same.

  1. How can I watch MyToonz?

We’re available on a range of devices and across numerous platforms making it accessible to your family when and where you want to watch MyToonz.

  1. Where is MyToonz available?

MyToonz is available in a range of playstores like Adroid, IOS, Android TV, Apple TV & also a range of CTV platstores. You can access MyToonz through any of these playstores across the world.

  1. Is MyToonz free to use?

MyToonz is absolutely free to view & you can watch your favourite programmes for free. The content is curated & safe for kids & family viewing.

  1. Why isn’t MyToonz working?

We have tried to give you a seamless viewing experience across devices for viewing MyToonz. However, in case you’re experiencing any issues, please try the following:
1. Confirm that you are connected to a WIFI network and that the connection is strong.
2. Close the app and re-launch it.
4. Check to see if there is a recent update, and if so, update the app.
5. Delete the app from your device and re-install it.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us in case the issues persist and we would be more than happy to try and find a solution.
When sending us a message, please take note of any error codes you may see, and provide as much
detailed information as possible, including the device you’re streaming on.

  1. Can content providers contact MyToonz for content partnerships?

We would always encourage creators to contact us for securing partnerships. We have a great library of kids’ content & are constantly growing our content bank with appropriate content. Kindly contact us with your proposals & we will review the same.

  1. How can I advertise on MyToonz?

We offer big brand advertisers COPPA compliant contextual ad formats & would be happy to respond to advertisement placement requests. You may kindly contact us here.