Q:How much does DarkMatter TV cost?


Q:No really. How much does it cost?

Really it's free!

Q:I dont like ads can I watch DarkMatter TV without ads?

Of course! All of our premium members watch DarkMatter TV ad-free. You can become a premium member today for $4.99 a month!

Q:I am a premium member. How safe in my information with DarkMatter TV?

Very! We use the Stripe API which offers some of the best security available today.

How can I request a movie or series?

Email us at info@tricoasttv.com!

How can search for a movie on DarkMatter TV?

Use our search bar at the top of the app. It works just like Google!

What do "collections" stand for?

Collections are a collection of movies, TV shows and content with similar aspects.

Is the content on DarkMatter TV suitible for all ages?

Not every title is family friendly. At the start of each movie or episode we will have a content advisory rating. Viewer discretion is advised while watching DarkMatter TV.

Q:Where can I watch DarkMatter TV?

DarkMatter TV will be available on Google Play, Apple's App Store, Android devices, Apple devices, Smart TV's, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and more!

Q:Didn't answer your question?

A:Contact us at info@tricoasttv.com