Q: What are Impala Explorer and Kudu Explorer Subscriptions?

A: Both these Explorer memberships allow you to watch all content available to you without any interruptions for advertising and promotions. 

Impala Explorer gives you ad-free access to the WildEarth Channel and Behind the Scenes channel, to both the LIVE stream and the recordings of programs like the daily Safaris on the WildEarth Channel, and Fireside Chats and Ask-Me-Anythings on the Behind the Scenes channel.

Kudu Explorer offers everything that is included in the Impala Explorer membership plus 24/7 LIVE streaming access to our waterhole camera channels, with natural sounds and no narrator.

Impala and Kudu Explorers will also receive a weekly newsletter and are entered in one prize draw each month.


Q: Why do videos for non-Explorer users have Ads?

A: Advertising helps us with covering the costs of broadcasting from these remote locations. Advertising is the only way we can keep WildEarth free to everyone, including for those who might not be able to afford an Explorer membership.


Q: How can I become an Explorer?

A: Easy! You can subscribe in the app. If you want more than streaming alone and want to see what other options exist, we encourage you to check out our website at https://wildearth.tv/become-a-wildearth-explorer.


Q: How can I cancel my Explorer Subscription?

A: You can cancel your subscription at the end of each period. So, monthly subscriptions at the end of each month, and six- and twelve-month subscriptions at the end of the six- or twelve-month period. You can cancel by writing to support@wildearth.tv